2012 / Q4 News Briefs

Excavated chromium waste is hauled away from the
Garfield Avenue site.
Statement on the Condition of Chromium Sites spacer

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Nov. 20, 2012 – Post-Sandy Inspections of the PPG chromium cleanup sites in Jersey City and Bayonne indicate that the sites made it through the storm without extensive damage and with no public exposure to chromium contamination. However, inspections did reveal chromium blooms at an unoccupied warehouse on Linden Avenue East (Site 107) and a small patch of hexavalent chromium on a support column in the basement boiler room of Building No. 2 at Metropolis Towers. The area in the boiler room of Metropolis Towers was immediately sealed off and further analysis is being conducted. Lab testing of water samples collected at Metropolis Towers after the floodwaters subsided showed that the water was below the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's chromium groundwater standard. Interim Remedial Measures (IRM) were installed at the warehouse on Linden Avenue East to address the chromium found there.

Measures taken before the storm protected the major PPG chromium cleanup sites along Garfield Avenue and prevented the public from being exposed to contamination. An assessment conducted immediately after the storm identified a loss of power and minor damage to fencing and tarps. There was no storm surge in this area and there were no indications of contaminated water or soil leaving any PPG chromium cleanup sites. The minor damage has been repaired and power restored.

Excavation has resumed at both Site 114 on Garfield Avenue and the Berry Lane Park site, although at a slower pace because of transportation and dewatering limitations affecting Jersey City as a whole.

After the storm, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection directed that all Hudson County chromium sites be thoroughly inspected with priority given to sites in close proximity to residential areas and active businesses. The PPG sites were personally inspected by representatives of the Department and the Independent Technical Consultant and have been completed.

The court-appointed Site Administrator for the PPG chromium sites will be providing further updates as site conditions return to normal.