2013 / Q2 News Briefs

Workers pave a portion of the parking lot excavated during Phase No. 1 of cleanup.
Parking lot opens as 1st phase nears end at Metropolis Towers spacer

JERSEY CITY, N.J., June 24, 2013 – Residents required to park offsite while PPG Industries conducted the first phase of its environmental cleanup are now able to park their vehicles at Metropolis Towers.

The parking lot west and south of Building No. 1 is open because PPG has completed the removal of chromium-impacted soil and debris from all but a 200-square-foot area targeted for excavation.

Work in the unfinished area, which is located between Building No. 1 and a gate near the intersection of Marin Boulevard and Wayne Street, should be complete within the next three weeks.

Approximately 5,500 tons of soil and debris have been excavated in the first phase. Air quality has been well within safety limits since work began in mid-March.

Representatives from PPG say the second phase of the cleanup, which is located in the south parking lot, is expected to begin in September.

Before work begins, PPG will contact residents who park in the south lot to brief them on the company’s alternate parking plan. In addition, PPG will notify all residents about a series of temporary measures, including new building access patterns and the installation of separate gates for the east and west parking lots.

While the second phase is under way, PPG will relocate a series of electrical lines that are in the path of PPG’s excavation in the plaza. This will enable PPG to begin work on the third phase, which is centered in the plaza, as soon as the second phase is complete.

The third phase is scheduled to begin next March and wrap up next September.