2018 / Q4 News Briefs

Forrest Street restored after excavation

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Dec. 17, 2018 – A section of Forrest Street and exterior portions of privately owned buildings on the north side of the roadway have been fully restored following PPG’s excavation of chromium-impacted soil.

Approximately 13,000 tons of contaminated soil was dug up and hauled away from the affected areas. Excavation depths ranged from approximately two to 15 feet. Clean fill was then placed in the excavated areas.

Chromium-impacted soil next to the buildings, both on the privately owned property and within the roadway, was excavated to a depth of only two feet to protect the structural integrity of the buildings and utilities. A plastic liner and clean fill were placed in this excavation to serve as a protective barrier until the buildings are demolished or the area is redeveloped. At that time, PPG will excavate chromium-impacted soil at greater depths.

Plastic liner was also placed in portions of the roadway as a protective barrier for chromium-impacted groundwater. PPG’s investigation of the groundwater contamination is under review by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The groundwater investigation report will play a role in determining the cleanup remedy for groundwater.

Following excavation and backfilling, PPG restored Forrest Street and portions of the private property north of Forrest Street, implementing a design that was developed in cooperation with the City of Jersey and the private property owner. PPG improved the area by replacing storm drains, repaving the street and installing sidewalks and curbing on both sides of the street.