2021 / Q2 News Briefs


JERSEY CITY, N.J. May 7, 2021 – The excavation of chromium-impacted soil and debris at cleanup sites and adjacent properties and roadways along Garfield Avenue is nearing completion.

In March, contractors for PPG began demolition of a 70,000-square foot warehouse near the corner of Caven Point and Garfield avenues. This is clearing the way for PPG to dig up and haul away approximately 80,000 tons of chromium-impacted material from the building’s footprint and surrounding area.

The excavation began early last month with trucks hauling away between 400 and 1,000 tons of material a day. The excavation is expected to be complete by the end of November. At that point, PPG will have dug up and hauled away approximately 99 percent of the soil it is responsible for in the Garfield Avenue area.

The remaining soil will be excavated from Garfield Avenue and properties adjacent to Forrest Street at dates still to be determined.

PPG will dig up and haul away chromium-impacted soil underneath Garfield Avenue between the light rail station and Carteret Avenue when the street is widened or opened to repair or replace the utilities beneath it.

In addition, PPG will dig up and haul away chromium-impacted soil underneath two buildings on Forrest Street west of the intersection with Halladay Street when the area is redeveloped.