Air Monitoring: Fashionland (Site No. 107)

To protect public health in the neighborhoods surrounding the Fashionland site during its chromium cleanup, PPG implemented a dust-control program.

Airborne concentrations of hexavalent chromium during the cleanup were less than the limit permitted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

That’s according to the final air-monitoring report on the effectiveness of the dust-suppression plan, which is based on the results from air monitors that operated on the fence line of the site.

Among the exposure-prevention measures were:

  • Water misting work areas to suppress dust;
  • Restricting open-air soil stockpiles;
  • Spraying surfaces with dust-suppression materials;
  • Limiting truck traffic to paved areas on-site;
  • Pressure-washing trucks in protected areas before exiting sites; and
  • Covering open excavations when not being worked.

For more details about dust suppression and air quality at the Fashionland site during the cleanup, contact the Site Administrator.

Mailing Address:
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